1 Habit I do is… be very skeptical of anything Mr. Steven Samblis does or says!

Folks, if you don’t know it already, Mr. Steven Samblis has a new “gig”.  He’s writing books.  And get this… he is writing” how-to” books.  It’s called the “1-Habit” series.  As in 1-Habit… to cure Arrogance, or 1-Habit… to screw over your business partners, or 1-Habit to screw over your investors, etc., etc., etc.  He has created a new twist on his old ideas.  Mr. Samblis has continued with his marketing concept of pulling things together that have a common base theme.  He did this with IC Places, the business that made him “famous” (at least with many investors), and again with the “Killer Buzz” theme, and now with the “1 Habit” book theme. 

He has made claims of putting out one book a month, for 24 months.  It takes some people years to write a book.  They do months or research, interviews, and some even live the life of what they are writing about.  Apparently, Mr. Samblis doesn’t need to do any of those steps.  Apparently what he does is get other people to do that work.  He boasts that there are 100 contributors to the book(s).  Who knows what, or how much, they contribute.  Who knows if they are compensated for their contribution, use of their name, and/or if they receive a cut of any future sales.  We suspect its very likely they will find out what Mr. Joseph Collins found out, or what Mr. Jose Losada found out, or Mr. Arron Sherry found out… and the list goes on.  Seems as though history would suggest, those that get involved with Mr. Samblis end up on the short end of the stick.  When the diamond mine is liquidated, Mr. Samblis get the mine and the rest get the shaft.

Why would anyone want to take advice from someone with the storied past such as Mr. Steven Samblis ???  If you would like to see Mr. Steven Samblis’s storied past… click HERE.  The information listed there will certainly provide the reader with a truly eye-opening level of understanding of just who Mr. Samblis is.  For those that may know some of Mr. Samblis’s past, there are items that are new information that was not presented previously.  The information presented on that site is supported with documentation.  Documentation that any reader can easily verify through a simple google search.  We have simply pulled it all together and made it easy to review.  Remember… we don’t MAKE the news… we just REPORT the news.  Also, Mr. Samblis is very good at creating self-agrandizing news releases in order to raise money for his ideas.  One such example is listed HERE.

Now… as we reported HERE, all of the previous investors in Mr. Samblis’s IC Places (ICPA) and Imagination TV (IMTV) businesses can get in on the ground floor of his newest public company… Envision Media Partners (parent company to 1 Habit Press).  Read all about it HERE.  It appears Mr. Samblis is running all his compartmentalized businesses, such as the 1 Habit Press business, under the parent company of Envision Media Partners.  Envision Partners, via and IPO, is seeking to raise 18.7-million dollars.  WOW… isn’t that just about the amount of money Mr. Samblis squandered with the ICPA and IMTV fiascoes ?

Leave a comment and tell the world if you would go into business with Mr. Steven Samblis.  If you happened to be so unfortunate as to do business with Mr. Steven Samblis, let the world know your experience.  Help others help themselves with your experience.