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Here's an idea...

Mr. Samblis... instead of wasting energy attacking the messenger... attack the issues !

Samblis gets sued...

Agrees to settlement...

Then defaults on settlement...

Details here.

Why does the CEO hide

behind bogus aliases ?

mrighttrade, dotd ,zurich, Bzippy,  FLWright , SunTzueyes, HouseSmith, CVeradero, QueFine, and of late KHudson.

Is he avoiding SEC scrutiny ?

So he cannot be held accountable for his statements?

Many believe Mr. Samblis uses these aliases to pump the stock... isn't that stock manipulation by deception ?



The story behind this site:


We were alerted that this domain name was available by someone unknown to us via an email.  Mr. Samblis previously held the rights to his namesake domain address, and we couldn't believe he would let it lapse.  Given that we own and maintain a series of sites we thought it would be a good idea to purchase the domain address and use it to drive traffic to our other sites.  So we did.  We initially constructed what we thought was a flattering graphical slideshow featuring Mr. Samblis and other pictures that could be found around the web, and on Google Images.


Not too long after doing such we were contacted by Mr. Samblis and he ordered us to take down the site, stating that the pictures we were displaying were not public domain pictures and that they were his copyrited pictures.  You can follow the chain of emails exchanged linked below (notice the "easy read" link also).  Also as the email illustrate, there later became a time in which Mr. Samblis authorized the pictures to be used, then shortly thereafter ordered them removed again.  After all the nastiness from Mr. Samblis... the site is now the way you see it.  It's a shame Mr. Samblis exhibited such arrogance and let his ego overcome his common sense.  This was a nice site before Mr. Samblis initiated the series of events that deteriorated the situation into what you see today.


Also, you will notice within the chain of emails that there was a time in which a deal was struck that would have returned the domain name to Mr. Samblis.  But once again Mr. Samblis created a situation in which he caused the deal to be cancelled.  He all but had the domain back when he went on a public message board and called us "dirtbag" and "squatter".  Not the way to consummate a deal that was all but complete. 


You may wonder why the email links are broken up like they are.  The reason is, Mr. Samblis would delete certain passages from the emails as he responded to them individually.  It was necessary to reconstruct the series of events by capturing several chains of emails.  However, just notice the dates in which the emails were written and you will be able to follow the conversation (or read the "easy read" compilation)


Also, although its not been widely published, there is another string of emails where, in spite of Mr. Samblis's childish actions, he was given the opportunity to reconstruct the deal, however it required him to publically apologize to us on the same public message board he attacked us on.  We are still waiting for the apology.  He has however since made a monetary offer that was larger than the amount agreed to before his attack on us... however we turned that down because the apology was not published. 


This is the exchange with Samblis over the domain names.  


2nd Email

3rd Email



---> Mr. Samblis is now threatning legal actions if we don't remove his emails. 

See the details here.


Easy to read email chain here (everything together)



NEW ==> Samblis unsuccesful at taking over our sites - details here.

Even Newer ==> Samblis wanting a second bite at the apple - details here.


6/1/2016 - Samblis loses AGAIN !   Details HERE.



Also, please visit our daily blog for up to date commentary on all things Samblis.




Why this picture ?


Steven-Samblis mugshot

Company CEO, Steven Samblis


Note:  This picture is the only one we could find that was in the public domain.  Steven Samblis notified Friends that we could not use any of the pictures (after he had previously given us authorization (here), that could be found around the web (Google Images) for use on this site.  This picture was first obtained from the following link on Investors Hub  here .  However, Mr. Samblis has been busy trying to erase his past, and has successfully had most of the links deleted.  BUT... as they say, once on the Internet - ALWAYS on the Internet.  A reader provided Friends with this original link from   And, if those are unsuccessful, here is the captured page.

Perhaps in the future Mr. Samblis may see the merits of allowing us to use some more flattering pictures that he states are copywrited.  Till then, this is all we could find that he couldn't lay claim to.

Read about the history of this photo here.



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